The Dodge Challenger has been a popular model for this automaker, especially among those who love muscle cars. Part of what makes this vehicle so special and why many in Innisfil love it are the performance features, which is what we are going to talk about.

Power Choice

One thing the Challenger has that we think you are going to love is the choice between two powers. You can use the black key fob and unleash regular power, which goes up to 500 horsepower, or you can choose the key fob that helps release the full potential of the engine in this vehicle. You get a total of 717 horsepower.

Acceleration Control

The acceleration control system is a program you can access through the vehicle's touchscreen. The program or system actually lets you calibrate how you want your Challenger's acceleration to perform on any given day. Those who want a little more power can get it by exploring this system.

These are just some features we think make the Challenger special, but there are others. Give the vehicle a shot, and come down for a test drive at our dealership.