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Holiday Demo Sales Event

5 Reason's Why A Demo Might Be The Best Deal For You!

When shopping for your next vehicle, consider this. 

There are more than two options, new & pre-owned vehicles when shopping at a dealership. As you know, both hold their advantages, but the third less known option may have the best deals on the lot. We are talking about demonstrator vehicles, also known as demos. 

What is a demo? Well, it's a vehicle that was lightly used as short-term daily drivers by dealership employees and therefore is sold at a reduced price. On top of these reduced prices, here are 5 reasons why purchasing a demo can be an amazing option. 

The Best Trims & Features

As employees use demos, these vehicles often feature some of the newest technology, most popular colours, and higher trims with the best options. And in some cases, these specific models are in short supply, as their packaging and options can be rare. 

All Discounts & Incentives Apply

It might not be a new vehicle, technically, but it's like new and therefore qualifies for all the same discounts & incentives as a new vehicle. Also, the buyer can take advantage of new vehicle lease & finance options. 

No Freight Charge

Vehicles make a long journey from their assembly factories to the location where they will be sold, and in most cases, this isn't free for the purchaser. A Freight Charge is often an addition to the sale price of a new vehicle, but a demo isn't new. Therefore, the fee is removed on demo vehicles. 

No Pre- Delivery Inspection Charge

New vehicles undergo a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) when they arrive at the dealership. A dealership's certified-trained technician examines the vehicle to ensure it's in perfect condition, assembles any no-shippable features, removes all packaging and makes sure the vehicle is ready for consumer use. For demos, the PDI fee is absorbed by the dealer and not the buyer. 

Reduced Captial Cost

As you may already know, a new vehicle starts depreciating the moment the odometer starts counting. A demo is no different in this case. As the kms add up on a demo, its overall cost goes down as well. Even though they are like-new and have most of the same benefits, they are often marked down more due to those few thousand kms. 

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