Built on a powerful and robust platform, the Ram 2500 is a pioneer in the heavy-duty sector. 400 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram wants pickup truck buyers in Innisfil, ON to closely examine the two signature powertrain options for this mechanical workhorse.

The HEMI technology has been around for years, so Ram's engineers didn't have to spend much time on developing a suitable powertrain for this full-size model. The 6.4 L V8 engine earns a towing rating of slightly more than 17,000 pounds. This gasoline-powered engine hauls a payload of up to 6,600 pounds. Efficiency in the HEMI system is optimized by the Variable Cam Timing technology.

Breaking away from the conventional V6 design, the Ram 2500's Cummins engine block cranks out 850 lb-ft. This I-6 diesel engine block is assigned a towing rating that exceeds 21,500 pounds. Additionally, the innovative 6.7 L powertrain has been updated to produce less noise and vibrations than previous versions.